7 Superb Reasons To Choose Quartz Countertops For Your Kitchen

Every kitchen upgrade requires an impressive Quartz countertop to look more aesthetically appealing. Apart from giving it a modern look, there are so many benefits that Quartz can offer if you plan to choose this material as your countertop. In case you are confused, here are 7 solid reasons why many individuals and kitchen remodeling companies NJ are choosing Quartz as a preferred material for countertop:

1.      Variety of color and pattern option

The colors and pattern of Quartz are one of the most important factors that are considered by most affordable kitchen remodeling NJ experts. The color of the countertops will be your kitchen's main focal point and will make a huge difference. Since color choices are superior in granite and marble, the quartz patterning is very appealing. The flecks and speckles of quartz countertops will be incomparable with any other due to the variety available in this material. Unique colors and patterns are one of the many reasons that will make quartz countertops the right choice for countertops for your bathrooms.

2.      Durable

Kitchen countertops need to be able to withstand the wear and tear that happen in the kitchen on a daily basis. Because of the longevity factor in the manufacturing of Quartz countertop, they are outweighing the competition. Quartz countertops are among the lasting available countertop options. Quartz countertops are manufactured using approximately 93 percent crushed quartz, pigments, and 7 percent crushed resins. Quartz is an excellent choice for countertops for kitchens because of its toughness and resistance to corrosion

3.      Budget-friendly 

Many people have a tight budget to follow when it comes to choosing a suitable material for the countertops, accompanied by the value of the material. Quartz is very economical and adds considerable value to the house. The material of the countertop also gives a lot of aesthetic appeal to the house, which is crucially important when it comes to selling it.

4.      Eco-friendly

Natural resources are used in mining, storing and shipping of this stone. Choosing quartz countertops can preserve national resources. Some manufacturers recycle the quartz materials and reuse them where needed. Quartz is the one of the most abundant mineral found on earth accompanied by the recycled options. This makes the selection of Quartz countertops sustainable and eco-friendly.

5.      Low maintenance

 Low maintenance means less work for you, which means the one less hustle in daily routine. Due to the non-porous structure of the mineral, you are prone to its regular maintenance. Marble and Granite countertops need regular cleaning, which means that there is extra work for you.This makes the quartz countertops more versatile and desirable in busy homes. Besides sparing you the time for their maintenance, the second-best aspect of these countertops is the way they look.

6.      Hygienic

It’s not possible that your countertop is prone to the daily wear and tear and this is when they are put to test. Since dirt and sticky messes easily get deposited onto the kitchen countertops, a stain-resistant and bacteria-resistant cleaner are important to own.Quartz countertops are non-porous mineral, so there are minimum chances for the dirt to turn into stains and catch fungus or bacteria. Besides being resistant from any kind of stains, quartz countertops are also bacteria resistant. Whatever challenge you present to your greatly These hygienic quartz countertops will fight any kind of hygienic challenge, and will prevent the growth of any mold and bacterial growth.

7.      Scratch less

The manufacturing process of this mineral slab has made it scratch less. These countertop slabs have eliminated other materials that become very scratchy. Homeowners are preferring these slabs because they will never have to worry about scratches anymore. Even without a cutting board, you can cut on the surface of quartz without worrying about the scratches


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